Blog Assignment But Personal Interest…

Well hello out there!  My name is Tonya.  I am a mom, wife and student.  This blog is actually a school assignment for a class I am currently taking on the subject of domestic violence.

I truly hope that many eyes will travel past these pages, with the hopes of educating the general public with some concrete knowledge on a sensitive subject.

I am tasked with the assignment to select 2 chapters from my text which covers different aspects of family violence.  I have chosen to dive into Chapters 4 and 5, which focus on child abuse and investigating this horrible act.  Over the course of this blog, I promise to pour all I’ve got into the subject of child abuse.  As I said earlier, I am a Mom.  This subject goes straight to my heart and I am ready to get this blog out there.   Let’s get started shall we…I want to share a cool video by Seventh Day Slumber. The song is called “Caroline.”   Not sure on all the details, but when I watch it….I envision that this message is from God.  His words to a beaten, battered, or hurt child that is trying to move on in life and find herself.  She does not see herself as beautiful, as worth something, or valuable…but He does.  She is alone, scared, and afraid to see what lies ahead…His response is love, which she has never known.